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About Navajo Customs

Navajo Customs Web Design was founded by owner Tisha Shurley back in 1999. While attending the University of Arizona, Tisha developed her web designing skills by making websites for several UA departments.

Not utilizing any programs, she has developed the art of developing a website using straight HTML code. Over the years, she has incorporated using the Adobe Master Collection C3.

Her main inspiration to designing websites was inspired by watching her grandmother weave Navajo rugs. Taking the idea and modernizing this process, she designs or weaves websites.

About Tisha Shurley

Ya’at’eeh Shi Dine’ doo Shi K’ei. Ta'néészahnii (Tangle Clan) Nishlí. Tó'aheedliinii (Water-Running-Together Clan) Báshíshchíín. Táchii'nii (Red Forehead Clan) Dashichei doo Tótsohnii (Big Water Clan) Dashinálí.

Translation: I am a Ta'néészahnii (Tangle Clan) born for Tó'aheedliinii (Water-Running-Together Clan). My maternal grandparents are Táchii'nii (Red Forehead Clan) and my paternal grandparents Tótsohnii (Big Water Clan).

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